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David Goodall

This is the website of Liberal Democrat Campaigner - David Goodall. I believe that it is important to keep in touch with local residents, and to campaign on the issues that matter to them. So please :-

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Recent updates

  • Lib Dems will cut less than Tories and borrow less than Labour
    Article: Dec 12, 2014

    Cutting too quickly will hit the poorest, cutting too slowly will hit the recovery, the key to getting the UK finances and economy back to normal is to strike the right balance.

    Liberal Democrats are only party fighting for a stronger economy AND a fairer society.

  • David Goodall
    Article: Dec 9, 2014

    At the recent Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats AGM David Goodall was appointed to be the Parliamentary Spokesman. David was the meeting's guest speaker and spoke about his life on the Island and commenting on the fact that the AGM date was almost 18 years to the day since his twin boys were born just up the road at St Mary's Hospital.

  • Article: Dec 4, 2014
    By David Goodall at Southampton University debate on the question "Should renegotiation fail Britain should leave the EU?"

    In a word No - but let's be under no illusion this process which David Cameron has embarked upon it is purely to try and keep the Conservative Party together.

    However, it could lead to the Britain leaving the EU. This would have massive negative economic consequences for the UK and would lead to a drastic reduction in our ability effect matters in Europe. European matters that will affect us whether we are in the EU or not.

  • Winston Churchill
    Article: Dec 4, 2014
    By Mr Winston Churchill speaking in Zurich 19th September 1946

    The following is a speech by Winston Churchill that led to the formation of what became the European Union, his words may astonish you, but it is clear from this earliest date that the aim is a political and economic union with the goal of preventing war in Europe:-

    "I wish to speak to you today about the tragedy of Europe.

  • Article: Sep 4, 2014

    Two weeks today the island of my birth could be split in two, nearly 2,000 years after the Romans did the same thing and over 300 years since reunification. Alex Salmond wishes to turn the clock back to the days of Roman rule, but I say no thanks to separating Scotland from the rest of the UK.

    I say …

    Yes please to all the people on the island of Great Britain living together as one …

    Yes please to Team GB in the Olympics …
    Yes please to the keeping Union Jack …
    Yes please to keeping the BBC …
    Yes please to no border controls within Great Britain …

    Yes please to keeping my United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland passport …

    Yes please to the best of both worlds, local control to the regions and countries of the UK and to working together internationally in our interlinked world …

    Yes please to living in a place where you can be proud to be British and English/ Scottish/ Welsh/ Northern Irish/ Cornish/ Londoner/ Geordie/ Brummie/ Essex/ Wessex/ Mercian/ Northumbrian/ Liverpudlian/ Mancunian or any other label you wish to have, because it's Britain …

    Yes please to not feeling a foreigner or alien as an Englishman every time I've visited Scotland since 1970's school trips …

    Yes please to the political union that is necessary, for a monetary union within the UK. Alex Salmond just does not get it. It's simply not possible to have monetary union without any form of overarching political union. Alex wishes to ditch the political union, but keep the monetary union. He wants an independent Scotland that is dependent on the Bank of England as the lender of last resort. He wants an independent Scotland to be bailed out the rest of the UK if things wrong. Basically he wants an independent Scotland to be dependent on England …

    And yes Alex Salmond, I do have the right to a have a say, this Scotland decides vote effects me living in England.

    People on this island of Great Britain have worked, lived and loved alongside each other for 1000's of years, and that includes my great-great-grandmother Marion McArthur, born in Edinburgh in the 1830's.

    So no thanks to separation and yes to keeping the island of Great Britain as one United Kingdom.


    Eleanor Bell, Jacqueline Bell, Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera, Muriel Stewart, Jenny Goodall, Jill Baston, Anne Margaret Winstanley, Yvonne Boyd, Colin Drysdale, Geoffrey Brown, Maureen Turner, Nicholas Lee, Chris Bicknell, Martin Goodall, Anne-Marie Lee-Cann, Joanne Sturmey

  • Why are you IN?
    Article: Apr 24, 2014

    Today, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg launched the Liberal Democrats' 2014 European election campaign. The launch took place in Colchester at a rally with activists and supporters, followed by a public town hall-style Q&A session hosted by Heart FM.

    Speaking at the launch event, Nick Clegg said:

  • Giles Goodall, Vice-Chair of Brussels & Europe Liberal Democrats
    Article: Mar 29, 2014
    By Giles Goodall - Liberal Democrat MEP candidate for South East England in The Huffington Post UK

    As we draw closer to the European elections on 22 May, more and more business leaders are speaking out in favour of Britai n's membership of the European Union. Not a day seems to go by without another major employer warning of the risks for Britain's jobs and economy of a potential EU exit. That's because - as Nick Clegg said in last night's debate with Nigel Farage - it's about jobs, jobs and jobs.

  • Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage
    Article: Mar 25, 2014
    By Mehdi Hasan, Political Director in The Huffington Post UK

    In recent months, with the exception perhaps of the BBC's Andrew Neil, TV interviewers have failed to land many blows on cheeky-chappy, man-of-the-people, buy-me-a-beer-mate Nigel Farage, populist leader of the UK Independence Party (Ukip). Could Nick Clegg do their job for them tonight?

    The deputy prime minister may be the underdog going into his live clash with the Ukip leader on, of all subjects, the European Union, but he has proved himself handy at TV debates (remember 2010?). Farage, on the other hand, claims not have prepared for these bouts - and is pretty poor when it comes to dealing with detail or proper scrutiny of his party's positions.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2014

    Since I became the Deputy Prime Minister I have had the privilege of spending a bit of time representing Britain's interests in other parts of the world

    I have visited Latin America and Asia to boost exports. I have been to Africa, where we are building better education systems as well as helping fight corruption, poverty and disease. I have travelled to different parts of Europe and the United States to promote British trade.

  • Page: Mar 6, 2014

    Executive Pay

    This has been a problem for years, the standard response is make the directors pay open to the public, and the shareholders will force fairer pay scales on the company. The reality this does not work.

    I believe the only thing that will work is to link the pay of the slowest paid employee to the pay of the highest paid employee.

  • Nick Clegg and school dinners (Dave Radcliffe)
    Article: Sep 18, 2013

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg used his speech to Liberal Democrat conference to announce that all pupils at infant schools in England are to get free school lunches from September 2014, with equivalent funding for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    In addition, disadvantaged students at sixth form colleges and further education colleges in England will also be eligible for free school meals also from next September. Money is also being provided for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but as education is a devolved issue, it will be up to those running schools there to decide whether to spend the money on free lunches.

  • Nick Clegg (Photo by Dave Radcliffe for the Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Mar 10, 2013

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has closed the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Brighton by calling on members to spread the message of the Party's commitment in Government to deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society.

    In his keynote Leader's speech, Nick paid tribute to the work of the Party in winning the Eastleigh by-election, beating the Conservatives into third place and squeezing Labour while campaigning on the Lib Dem record of delivering in Government.

  • Mike Thornton
    Article: Feb 10, 2013

    Local Liberal Democrat members have chosen Mike Thornton as their candidate for the Eastleigh by-election.

    Mike is a popular local borough councillor, who has lived locally for 19 years, and has kept council tax bills down, while protecting front line local services.

    He has led local opposition to Conservative County Council cuts to libraries, children's centres, buses and youth centres.

    As Eastleigh MP, Mike Thornton will -

    • Fight to protect green spaces from Tory development and gravel extraction
    • Work to bring more jobs and investment to our area - the 500 jobs and £60m a year into the local economy at the Lib Dem Council backed Ageas Bowl are a good start
    • Campaign to cut income tax for local workers - that's on top the £600 a year tax cut that the Lib Dems have already won

    Voting Liberal Democrat will give Eastleigh residents an excellent local MP who will work to deliver a stronger economy in a fairer society, allowing everyone to get on in life.

    Mike Thornton, a business and development manager and has been a parish and borough councillor since 2007. He is involved with the annual Bishopstoke Carnival and is an active member of the local church.

    Mike lives with his wife and daughter in Bishopstoke. In his spare time, Mike enjoys playing squash and tennis.

    Speaking after the selection meeting West End Councillor, David Goodall said:-

    "I have known Mike since he joined me on the Council 6 years ago. He is a a good hard working councillor, who is keen to improve the community he lives in and he would make a great MP."

    "I will be backing him on February 28th and I hope everyone else does to"

  • Olympic Boxing Gold Medal Winner Nicola Adams (Picture taken for GOC by David Poultney)
    Article: Dec 28, 2012
    By Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister in New Year's Message

    The last twelve months have been lit up by moments that will stay with us forever. When Mo Farah approached the final stretch of the 10,000m final, who wasn't up on their feet, screaming at the TV?

    When Nicola Adams beamed at the crowd after winning the first ever women's Olympic boxing, who didn't smile back? I was lucky enough to be there, and that's one I'll never forget.

  • Article: Nov 15, 2012

    Over the past few weeks I have answered hundreds of email questions. Here is a selection of some of them to help you answer the question of who to vote for today:-

    Can you promise not to privatise Hampshire police services?
    Answer:- Yes for any Police Officer or police staff service, but I don't yet know what contracts the current Police Authority have already entered into.

  • David Goodall by the Itchen
    Article: Nov 15, 2012

    Dear Electors of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight,

    The election for the first ever Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is today.

    Normally in elections of this size candidates are allowed to have a FREEPOST mailing to each household. In this election this has not been allowed, a step which really hinders the proper democratic process. The only real alternative to reach the very wide electoral base of over 1.4 million people is the internet, radio and TV. This is the reason for this email, website, facebook and twitter campaigns.

  • Protecting Vulnerable Women
    Article: Nov 9, 2012

    Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight David Goodall, says:

    "I believe that everyone has the right to live their lives free from the fear of physical assault."

    "I am proud that Liberal Democrats have put protecting vulnerable women at the top of the Coalition Government's agenda too.

  • David Goodall by the Itchen
    Article: Nov 9, 2012
    By Bethan Phillips in Daily Echo

    Age: 50

    Address: West End, Hampshire

    Political Party: Liberal Democrat

    The son of a retired Hampshire police inspector and the brother to a serving officer, Police and Crime Commissioner candidate David Goodall has policing in the blood.

    The 50-year-old has produced a manifesto which says he would have three main priorities if he were elected to the £85,000-a-year position.

  • David Goodall's manifesto
    Article: Nov 8, 2012

    Following last evening Police Elections 2012 programme on BBC I thought it was worth highlighting a couple of points from my manifesto. I plan to have open meetings at which the public at attend and make comment, as well as allowing members of public to become scrutiny panels members too.

    To me this is the natural way that meetings should be run, so no formal closed meetings with me as commissioner.

  • David Goodall by the Itchen
    Article: Nov 4, 2012
    By David Goodall

    This is a critical question as we have no truly independent candidates in Hampshire. Even the independent candidate, is a former Conservative leader of New Forest District Council, is only standing as an independent because Michael Mates beat him in the nomination race for the Conservative Party.

    The Liberal Democrats wanted to fill the democratic deficit of a Police Authority, that could set taxes and policy yet be not accountable to anyone, by directly electing the Police Authority, using a single transferable vote (STV) system. This would have reduced the affect of party politics in the main make up of the authority, whilst at the same time filling the democratic deficit. However, that argument did not win the day within the coalition, so we are now contesting Police and Crime Commissioners elections.

    The single post of the Police and Crime Commissioner means that one party will have absolute control of the position. This means only one viewpoint. So to counter act this I plan to have a series of advisory panels that will be balanced before in both terms of their equality and political nature. This is the practical step that I will take, in addition to the formal one of the oath of impartiality that all PCCs will be required to swear when they are elected to office.

    The swearing of an oath will be an important symbol of impartiality, emphasising both the significance of this new role in local communities and that PCCs are there to serve the people, not a political party or any one section of their electorate. But I believe it is the practical step that is more important - actions speak louder than words.

    I am standing as a Liberal Democrat because that label best fits my own political views. I believe when standing for elected office it is best to use a label which is an honest reflection of your outlook, see my speech on this:-

  • Cllr David Goodall & Tom Brake MP, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons discuss the Trusted, Professional, Effectiive - British Policing at its best - a policy produced by the Lib Dem Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs and Justice he Co-chaired
    Article: Nov 2, 2012

    The Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, David Goodall recently met Rt. Hon. Tom Brake MP, to discuss his booklet on policing entitled "Trusted, Professional and Effect: British policing at its best".

    Tom Brake from June 2010 was Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Policy Committee on Home Affairs, Justice and Equalities. Tom co-chaired the committee alongside Baroness Hamwee and Lord Thomas of Gresford OBE QC until September 2012, since when he has been Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

  • Openess & honesty with money is vital
    Article: Oct 28, 2012
    By David Goodall

    All candidates should publish past salary, tax and expense information received from elected public office and, if elected, they should promise to continue to publish this information.

    Prior to the last general election, the MPs' expenses scandal shocked many and made many people, including myself, feel extremely angry. I was very annoyed that people we should all trust beyond reproach with their financial dealings had been found wanting.

  • Article: Oct 27, 2012
    By David Goodall in South Central Regional Conference

    Good Morning Conference, when considering this election people often say that political parties should not be involved. In fact our own English regional party said exactly that. Yet to get elected any person standing needed a group of like minded friends to help deliver leaflets on a cold day or knock on doors, and as a member of this party for over 25 years my obvious group of friends to help are you.

  • David Goodall's manifesto
    Article: Oct 24, 2012

    All of the candidates in this election will talk about wishing to reduce all crime and in particular violent crime, alcohol and drug related crime and sexual assaults. All of us will agree that offenders need to be caught and punished for the criminal acts they have done. The difference between the candidates will come on:-

  • Barnardo's Cut them free campaign
    Article: Oct 20, 2012

    Liberal Democrat candidate for Hampshire and Isle of Wight's new Police and Crime Commissioner David Goodall backs Barnardo's Cut Them Free campaign.

    In Hampshire and Isle of Wight the Constabulary's Public Protection Department is responsible for investigating incidents of child abuse, vulnerable adult abuse, safeguarding vulnerable people and working with other agencies to manage the supervision of offenders in our community using Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

  • Andrew Mitchell MP
    Article: Oct 20, 2012
    By David Goodall

    At last Conservative Chief Whip the man suppose to instil discipline in the Tory ranks has, after more than month, worked out he can no longer do his job having refused to obey an on-duty Police Officer and swearing at him.

    In his resignation letter, Andrew Mitchell, a big under statement said:

    "It has become clear to me that whatever the rights and wrongs of the matter I will not be able to fulfil my duties as we both would wish."

  • Article: Oct 19, 2012
    By David Goodall in Speech to an Annual Dinner organised by Fareham Liberal Democrats

    Good evening, Ladies & Gentleman of Fareham, like many people involved in public life I wear a number of hats, I'm an Eastleigh Borough Councillor, I'm Chair at West End Parish Council, a Bitterne Park School Governor, a Southampton Advice & Representation board member, I'm the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire's scrutiny committee Chair. But in this role as PCC candidate for Hampshire and Isle of Wight I am also wearing my first ever hat, that of a Policeman's son.

  • EU - UK cooperartion benefits us
    Article: Oct 16, 2012

    The four main Benefits of EU Police & Judicial Cooperation to the UK are:-

    • 1. European Arrest Warrant (EAW)
    • 2. Europol
    • 3. Eurojust:
    • 4. Joint Investigation Teams (JITs):

    There are a number of other very useful measures including Effective Customs Cooperation, European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS), Mutual Recognition of Financial Penalties, Prisoner Transfers, The Schengen Information System II, Simpler & Faster Information Exchange, Psychoactive Drugs information exchange, European Police Training College, Networks, European Image Archiving System, Mutual Recognition of Supervision Measures, Trials in Absentia, and Conflicts of jurisdiction in criminal matters.

  • European Arrest Warrant
    Article: Oct 16, 2012

    Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner candidate David Goodall has challenged Conservative candidate Michael Mates to back measures that help local police catch criminals who flee overseas, tackle cross-border crime and kick out foreign criminals convicted in the UK. These measures have been hugely successful in recent years in breaking up paedophile rings, preventing terrorism and bringing criminals who flee across borders to swift justice.

  • Andrew Mitchell MP
    Article: Oct 14, 2012

    There appears to be a lot of concentration on what he said. The fact is when asked by a Police Officer to exit a secure area via an alternative gate he should have done so. And if he felt he should say something it should have been "thank you" but really there was no need to say anything!!

    A Police Officer will often receive instructions in a security situation about how members of the public should be directed. In this instance an Officer instructed a senior member of the Government to use an alternative gate. The normal response to this should have to been to obey the Officer on duty. If this were a Saturday and near a football ground I have no doubt that Mr Mitchell would call any refusal by a member of public to obey the Officer as yobbish.

  • Apprenticeship Good for Business
    Article: Oct 12, 2012

    New figures show that in Hampshire and Isle of Wight over 6500 more people started an apprenticeship last year in the last year of the previous government. This is an increase of 59% since the Coalition Government came to power.

    Commenting on this, Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate David Goodall said:

  • Hampshire Probation Trust
    Article: Sep 28, 2012

    Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight David Goodall has met with Barrie Crook, Chief Executive of the Hampshire Probation Trust, to discuss how the probation service works to across the Hampshire Constabulary area and how it is likely to work in the future with the new Police and Crime Commissioner.

  • Nick Clegg MP
    Article: Sep 26, 2012

    Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has used his keynote speech to the Lib Dem Party conference in Brighton to announce extra money for 110,000 children struggling with maths and English.

    The Deputy Prime Minister said secondary schools in England will receive an extra £55 million to help pupils arriving in year seven who have slipped behind in English and maths at primary school. The money will come in from next January, with schools deciding how to spend it to help pupils with weaker results in maths and English.

  • Article: Sep 25, 2012
    By David Goodall in Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2012

    Good morning fellow Liberal Democrats I am particularly interested in this motion because on November 16th I hope to be the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and Isle of Wight. For those that are unaware in less than 60 days time on November 15th there are nationwide elections taking place and they are not using first past the post.

  • Article: Sep 24, 2012
    By David Goodall in South Central Liberal Democrats Regional Reception, Brighton 2012

    Good evening fellow Liberal Democrats, I am David Goodall and I am your Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

    Many of you know that and know my personal background. However I am aware not all are when after a Community Safety Forum a fellow Eastleigh Councillor said I must be careful when talking to the Police and with confidential information.

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