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Rose Bowl : Problems & Solutions

September 29, 2004 12:00 AM
By Councillor David Goodall in Rose Bowl Liaison Panel meeting

Firstly may I thank the Parish Council for organising this meeting. It builds on the informal meetings that the both the HEWEB committee has had with both Inspector Newstead and Geoff Cox in the past and the excellent work that Kerry Payne has done on behalf the Telegraph Road residents association to highlight various issues.

However as suggested by Jon Riddell at a HEWEB meeting back in October last year the best way for the Rose Bowl to avoid the problems they have had in the past with loud music, extremely long access times and unexpected fireworks is to have a locally based liaison group.

Therefore I was very pleased when on the 18th August I received the first invite to tonight's meeting following a meeting of the parish's Planning & Highway Committee on the 17th August.

Now before I get on to the main topic discussion tonight I will to clear up one point. At the HEWEB meeting on the 31st August I proposed that Steve Bloomfield's motion should read :-

"That this Committee, support the work of West End Parish Council, who have created a Liaison Group to work with Police, Borough Engineers, Development Control, Hampshire Cricket, Rose Bowl plc and, above all, residents to address increasing concerns arising from activities at the Rose Bowl. These concerns comprise parking, noise, traffic levels and planning consent issues, and are increased by the success of the Rose Bowl in becoming a regular venue for International Cricket matches."

Instead of which the motion started :-

"That this Committee, working in partnership with West End Parish Council, should create a Liaison Group to work with Police, Borough Engineers, Development Control, Hampshire Cricket, Rose Bowl plc …….." etc etc

I was concerned that Steve wished to create another group to look at the same issues, this meeting was already planned to do and naturally I wished to avoid that.

However once Steve explained that was not his intention, I along with the rest the committee voted for Steve's motion.

Anyway despite the unfortunate wording of Steve's motion this meeting has gone ahead as originally planned by the Parish Council.

Now to the main point of the meeting, firstly I wish to highlight the issues and secondly I wish suggest some ideas of ways to overcome them. These are both points of my own and ideas that residents have put to me.

  • Issue 1 - the parking of Mondeo Man in West End, as Cllr Peter Humphreys put in a previous meeting.
  • Issue 2 - the congestion of Buses to and from the park and ride to Rose Bowl via West End Road.
  • Issue 3 - the dangerous backing up traffic onto the M27.
  • Issue 4 - the congestion in Bursledon caused by car access to the park and ride car park.
  • Issue 5 - the future plans for the development of site for international cricket matches, good practice on this is to discuss plans with residents and get their input this can be very valuable. Also as a note to Geoff and management team it would be really great if not to mention legal if plans were submitted prior to the building of anything and not afterwards.

The first four issues revolve problems around access to the ground and how this can be achieved for fixtures which attract a full crowd. So here are some suggestions, in no particular order:

  • The park and ride should be based at more than location to spread the traffic over a greater area and thus reduce the congestion at Bursledon.
  • The borough could implement a residents parking zone around the Rose Bowl area of West End to prevent visiting cricket mondeo man parking where he shouldn't.
  • There should be free shuttle buses laid on from both Southampton Parkway and Hedge End railway stations.
  • There should be extra bus connections from Southampton city centre to the Rose Bowl on big match days.
  • Some thought needs to be given to have special traffic arrangements for both:
  • > the of queuing traffic into the Rose Bowl may be it should be queue via the Charles Watts Way/Wildern Lane roundabout and not on the M27.
  • > Also when exiting the ground may be it should be two lanes of traffic out of the ground and turning right until it reaches the dual carriageway of Tollbar Way
  • Some thought could also be given to a second access to the Rose Bowl from the A27 for big match day only.
  • Surrounding businesses in Hedge End and West End should be approached to provide temporary car park cover. So that there is a park and walk option to mirror the park and ride. It made even be possible to use St James School if it is the summer holiday period of course or Moorgreen recreation ground as temporary park and walk venues. These venues should be manned by Rose Bowl stewards in a similar way the Southampton FC stewards man their temporary match day car parks.

On the planning issues the answer is very simple. The normal practice is to have a meeting where your future plans, for say, a larger main stand or floodlights could be discussed. The Rose Bowl management team could then take the public suggestions on board and produce a plan for Borough to examine, which having ironed out the residents problems may even have their support.

That is end of my brief thoughts so over to anyone else for comment.