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David Goodall

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Green Tax Switch Week comes to Eastleigh

October 28, 2006 6:00 PM
Green Tax Switch Campaign

Green Tax Switch Campaign

As reported earlier in the year the one part of the Liberal Democrat plans to tackle Climate Change is to use the tax system to switch taxation from income and on to pollution. In the past week Liberal Democrats across the country have been taking the message on Climate Change and the Green Tax Switch to streets and shopping centres.

Liberal Democrats campaigning in Eastleigh

Liberal Democrats campaigning in Eastleigh

The Green Tax Switch plans were official made party policy at the Autumn party conference and the key tax proposals are :-

This will reform the tax system to make it fairer, simpler, greener, more local and local efficient :-

Commenting on the Green Tax Switch campaign local Councillor David Goodall said :-

"As Liberal Democrats we have a comprehensive plan for tackling climate change, because the environment has always been at the heart of our thinking - it is not an 'add on'. We have always made sure a green thread runs through every aspect of our policies."

"To persuade people to live in a more environmentally friendly manner it is necessary to make a number of changes and on the most obvious is to give them tax incentives of they turn on the Green Switch in their lives."

"This is why I fully back this fundamental change to our tax system"

This high level of concern and policies on Climate Change is backed up by Greenpeace who in a challenge on climate change gave the Liberal Democrats a much higher rating than the other two main parties, it was report in the Guardian that :-

"Greenpeace found that Labour scored only 38% in a challenge on climate change - just one point ahead of the Tories on 37%. The Liberal Democrats came top with 61%"

It is policies like :-

When combined with the Green Tax Switch plus vast improvements to the public transport and power generation networks that give organisations like Greenpeace the hope that a Liberal Democrat government really would tackle the problem of Climate Change.

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