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Cut Reoffending - Cut Crime

September 14, 2012 1:04 PM
Reoffending rates have hit a record high

Reoffending rates have hit a record high

Half of all crime is committed by people who have offended before - the justice system for many, is a revolving door between prison and reoffending. Liberal Democrats believe that by reforming the existing system we can ensure that upon release, offenders are ready and willing to make a positive contribution to society. Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are:

  • Giving prisoners job skills. Our 'working prisons' will get prisoners working a 40-hour week, giving them valuable skills and making them more likely to get a job outside of prison
  • Tackling drug addiction through starting new Drug Recovery Wings in prison. Drug addiction is one of the major causes of reoffending
  • Diverting mentally ill offenders away from the justice system and into treatment by introducing national liaison and diversion services. This is what offenders with mental health issues really need to be able to stop reoffending
  • Saving money by scaling back Labour's hugely expensive Prison Building Programme and focusing instead on rehabilitation
  • Improving the prospects of young people at risk of offending by exploring how we can best tackle the factors in young people's lives that can lead them to stray into crime, as well as developing and funding early intervention tactics for children in problem families

The Liberal Democrats are also committed to:

  • Improving induction and release procedures in prisons, ensuring that prisoners are not released directly back into the same problems and lifestyle, such as unresolved debt
  • Increasing the number of hours prisoners spend in education or training
  • Ensuring that whenever possible drug addicts receive treatment rather than prosecution and imprisonment, allowing police energies to be focused on tackling drug traffickers and gangs
  • Always basing drugs policy on independent scientific advice, holding an independent impact assessment of the existing drug laws and taking steps to keeping the Advisory Council on the
  • Misuse of Drugs completely independent of government to make sure that the drugs law is not dictated by political tactics

Commenting on the reoffending issue Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Cllr David Goodall said:-

"As PCC for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight one of my priorities is to work with all the the agencies involved to reduce reoffending"

"It is essential that everything possible to done to reduce the reoffending rate, particularly using proven schemes like restorative justice, drug treatment regimes and job-linked placement schemes."

"Every time an offender reoffends is a missed opportunity to sort the person out and another victim is created"

"We need effective action not just ineffective sound bites, like the old tough on crime and tough of causes of crime"

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