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David Goodall

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Cut Reoffending - Cut Crime

September 14, 2012 1:04 PM
Reoffending rates have hit a record high

Reoffending rates have hit a record high

Half of all crime is committed by people who have offended before - the justice system for many, is a revolving door between prison and reoffending. Liberal Democrats believe that by reforming the existing system we can ensure that upon release, offenders are ready and willing to make a positive contribution to society. Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are:

The Liberal Democrats are also committed to:

Commenting on the reoffending issue Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Cllr David Goodall said:-

"As PCC for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight one of my priorities is to work with all the the agencies involved to reduce reoffending"

"It is essential that everything possible to done to reduce the reoffending rate, particularly using proven schemes like restorative justice, drug treatment regimes and job-linked placement schemes."

"Every time an offender reoffends is a missed opportunity to sort the person out and another victim is created"

"We need effective action not just ineffective sound bites, like the old tough on crime and tough of causes of crime"

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