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David Goodall

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A Policeman's lot

September 24, 2012 6:45 PM
By David Goodall in South Central Liberal Democrats Regional Reception, Brighton 2012

Good evening fellow Liberal Democrats, I am David Goodall and I am your Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

Many of you know that and know my personal background. However I am aware not all are when after a Community Safety Forum a fellow Eastleigh Councillor said I must be careful when talking to the Police and with confidential information.

So for the record I am a policeman's son, a policeman's brother and I have worked in the national security and defence sector for over 30 years.

I know about confidential information and I know about a policeman's lot.

I know about the problems of a lone bobby on the beat faced with a gang kicking the hell out of a bloke on the ground.

I know about the issue of a single unarmed officer approaching a man fitting the description an armed robber.

I know not because I read a lot of noteworthy reports but because my Dad was the officer facing the gang and my brother was the officer facing the armed robber.

I know about these issues and problems because I have heard about them all my life.

I am involved in this aspect of public life because I want to make a difference.

Public life in this country needs people who care about making a difference for others and not for themselves.

In Hampshire I am facing a independent candidate who is a former Tory councillor, a Labour candidate who was until the last annual meeting chair of the Police Authority that brought a building for £9 million and then took 4 years to decide what to do with it, and finally there is the official conservative candidate called Michael Mates, whoever he is.

My priorities as the commissioner would be:-

Talking tough is not enough.

Saying I will be tough on crime and tough on the cause of crime is not enough.

I am an engineer at heart I want practical solutions.

I want solutions that work.

So if elected my priority will effective action not ineffective soundbites.

Thank you for listening and have a good evening.