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David Goodall

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Vote Today

November 15, 2012 7:09 AM
David Goodall by the Itchen

David Goodall

Dear Electors of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight,

The election for the first ever Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is today.

Normally in elections of this size candidates are allowed to have a FREEPOST mailing to each household. In this election this has not been allowed, a step which really hinders the proper democratic process. The only real alternative to reach the very wide electoral base of over 1.4 million people is the internet, radio and TV. This is the reason for this email, website, facebook and twitter campaigns.

I know many people, including myself, have concerns about creating the position of Police and Crime Commissioner. However, I must stress this is an important election, despite the low key way the media and government are reporting it.

After today one person in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will have:-

To read more general information about the role, visit the home office website
To discover how the role is defined in detail see the Policing Protocol
To know more about me and how I plan to run the Commissioner's Office, please see my manifesto and the rest of my website

I believe the vote today is important.
I hope you will vote today.
I hope too that you can give me your first preference vote.

I also hope that, if elected, I can gain your trust and respect by my actions in office.
For I believe it is only by earning trust and respect that someone can have a real mandate to serve in elected office.

Yours faithfully,