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David Goodall

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David's views: Education

Education is one of the most important functions of government. It can help society in many different ways by paving the way to a good career; by helping provide social cohesion; and by providing enjoyment through learning.

Education can give a good start in life and for most children it is the main route to a successful career. Yet in 21st century Britain too many children still leave school either with a low level of attainment or without any qualifications.

Education is central to making sure the countries workforce is up to meeting the challenge of the international marketplace. Yet in Britain economic growth and prosperity has been consistently held back in each economic upturn by a lack of skills in key areas of the economy.

Education can provide help and understanding with life's problems, whether this is in being a good parent; having successful personal relationships or managing your personal finances. Yet today's emphasis on academic performance with high levels of examination from an early age leaves little room to teach the non-academic life skills that children need.

Education can also provide enjoyment and improve social cohesion as people learn more about the world they live in with its different people and cultures. Yet education for this purpose is only accessed by a limited section of society.

So my views are:

To improve the educational attainment that children get in school a number of changes to the current system are required:-

To ensure the countries workforce is up the challenges of a 21st century global economy the following should happen :-

To help provide and understanding with life's problems changes to the current system are required:-

The bottom line: