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David Goodall

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David's Views: Immigration

Around the world there is one thing that always marks out the regimes with the most repressive style of governance from the rest and that is a very restrictive view of both immigration and migration. They see immigrants as dangerous outsiders who will stir the population to rebellion and they see migrants leaving as a sign to the outside world that their rule is not as perfect as they want the world to believe. As a consequence they ban or try to ban both.

Thankful Britain has always been an open, welcoming country, and thousands of businesses, schools and hospitals rely on people who've come to live here from overseas. Through this process we have very strong links with many parts of the world and this can be good for many things like trade and getting international help at a time of national need.

Yet you equally cannot have unchecked and uncontrolled immigration, there needs to be a balance, we do after all live on a small island. So there are a number of rules that have to be made to control who can and who cannot live here, the basic rules are:-

Generally these rules work fine, but there changes that are required. Not so much to the rules but mainly to the way the system is managed, because government mismanagement over the years has left the current immigration system in chaos. The Government has:-

So my views are - the system does require some change:-

The bottom line:

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