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David Goodall

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Questions asked Answers given

During the course of the election I have been asked a number of questions on serveral occasions, so here are my answers to them, just click on the topic of interest:-

Fixed Link

RSPBs - Vote for Bob Campaign



Save the NHS

NHS Reinstatement Bill

NHS paying the extra £8 billion

Nursing Counts

Mayfair Tax Loophole

Keeping the NHS free

Where do you stand on surveillance?

Motor Neuron sufferers shouldn't die without a voice

Equitable Life Pension Policies

Amnesty: What will you stand for?

How would STV for the Island work?

Support for 7 million UK Carers

Breast Cancer: Stop Women Dying campaign

Media Ownership and Leveson

CAFOD: How will you tackle poverty and climate change?

£10 Minimum Wage Campaign

Toilets transforming the future

High Value Property Levy
(Mansion Tax)

IW County Press Q&A - Education, Prosperity, Travel, IW Council, Health & Policing

CAMRA - Real Ale and Pubs