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National News

David Goodall's national news items:-

  • Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne, Police Community Support Officer Michelle Towle, Viking Garage owner Neil Evans, Cllr David Goodall, Cllr Bruce Tennent, PC Gavin Smith Community Safety Partnership Manager Peter Baldry and Police Community Support Officer
    Article: Dec 1, 2006

    Over the past year a number of measures to have been put in place at West End to improve community safety and reduce anti-social behaviour and today the latest step was officially recognised when Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne visited the village to see the progress that has been made.

    Chris visited Viking Garages West End proprietor Neil Evans has installed a nine camera CCTV system to cover not only his garage forecourt but also parts of the village centre and local shops. These high quality cameras have already proved useful in help police catch people responsible for breaking the flower shop window and a number of other incidents.

  • David's November Blog
    Article: Nov 30, 2006

    For those not up with the latest Internet jargon a blog is a web log or internet journal of someone's thoughts of the day. This month I have been keeping such a blog and topics cover a wide range of current affairs with a sporting view point as well. Here are this months list of topics :-

    • Again Blair misses the point with his harder 'A' levels and academy legacy
    • Shelter says Social Housing is still a problem
    • Council Tax will rise by twice the Inflation Rate
    • Government's Means Testing Obsession Distorting Benefits System
    • Saints win again
    • Chancellor Prepares to Increase Taxes on Cars and Air Travellers
    • Consumers must Pay Duties on Alcohol Bought Online
    • The West Coast Mainline's Upgrade is only a Short Term Solution
    • Fusion Deal Points a way to a Climate Change Solution
    • Billions Squandered On Iraq 'Disaster'
    • Alcohol problems lead to increased Hospital admissions for Children !!
    • Poor Consumers Pay Credit Premium
    • Blair's 10th Queen's Speech
    • Patient Choice Scheme is Failing
    • Massage in schools for the finance and pupils
    • Remembrance weekend - Lest we forget
    • The Education system must address the needs of all
    • Home Office sentencing policy in disarray
    • At last the great American people wakeup to Bush's Foreign Policy
    • At last the right action to tackle terror
    • Can do better survey on school dinners
    • Personal Bankruptcies Soar Due to Higher Interest Rates and Irresponsible Lending
    • Which? Says NHS has Dirty Kitchens and Hungry Patients
    • Irresponsible lending fuels housing market and is bad for first buyers
  • Protests in Southampton
    Article: Nov 17, 2006

    The decision by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) not to approve the use of a number of Alzheimer's Drugs, despite wide spread evidence from patients that these drugs approve the quality of the patient and their carers lives greatly. The drugs were developed after successful trails by Dr Paul Kemp, of Southampton University were carried out at Moorgreen Hospital in West End.

  • Arial view showing the proposed new Rose Bowl
    Article: Nov 2, 2006

    Today members of the Bowl liaison panel and local councillors were given a briefing on the Rose Bowl proposals for the final development of this important site in West End. The aim of the proposal is to both improve the facilities for visitors to Rose Bowl and to decrease the impact on the local community.

  • David's October Blog
    Article: Oct 31, 2006

    For those not up with the latest Internet jargon a blog is a web log or internet journal of someone's thoughts of the day. This month I have been keeping such a blog and topics cover a wide range of current affairs with a sporting view point as well. Here are this months list of topics :-

    • Home Office fines Police £2.5 Million for 'Harebrained' Home Office Scheme
    • The True Cost of Climate Change
    • Green taxes must really be Green
    • Muslim cleric puts Islam in a poor light
    • White Paper on Local Government a misses the mark
    • London Borough to charge for residents' parking according to carbon emissions
    • Carbon Emissions set to rise to highest level since Blair came to power
    • HEWEB LAC meeting
    • Integration debate valid but start point is wrong
    • People wait for nursing care and nurses wait for job
    • Millions Register Opposition to Post Office Closures
    • Major Threat to UK but Labour and Tories vote to take no real action
    • Important Domestic Violence report highlights Police best practice
    • UK presence makes Iraq situation worst
    • Ruth Kelly rejects local planning decision
    • Police Community Support Officers for West End before Christmas
    • Health Service must be local
    • NHS health medicine from Cameron is the wrong answer
    • Labour prison mismanagement hits new highs
    • Tax and benefit system traps the poorest in society
    • Tragedy hits US school again
    • Chris Tapp - Freedom of Borough
  • Question Time at the Civic Offices
    Article: Oct 27, 2006

    Today the borough's young people got the chance to quiz civic leaders on how they were running the borough and what they were doing to do the improve services for the future. They asked some good questions and may some very good points.

    It was Eastleigh's fifth annual youth conference, held at the Civic Offices and for the first time, organised by young people themselves. The day-long conference was designed by Eastleigh Borough Youth Council for people between the ages of 11 and 19 and was funded by the Eastleigh Strategic Partnership and supported by the Borough Council and Hampshire County Youth Service.

  • Cllr Bruce Tennent
    Article: Oct 17, 2006

    To encourage young people to get more involved in their community Eastleigh Borough Council regularly have activities with the Youth Council. On Tuesday evening it was time again for political speed dating. It was an opportunity for members of the Youth Council to get to meet local councillors and ask them questions in a one-to-one speed dating fashion.

  • David's September Blog
    Article: Sep 30, 2006

    For those not up with the latest Internet jargon a blog is a web log or internet journal of someone's thoughts of the day. This month I have been keeping such a blog and topics cover a wide range of current affairs with a sporting view point as well. Here are this months list of topics :-

    • Ford chief supports Green Tax call
    • A Toxic Presentation
    • Cricket and Golf success
    • Burley success in Burnley
    • Liberal Democrat conference day 3 - Green Tax Switch turned on
    • Liberal Democrat conference day 2
    • Liberal Democrat conference day 1
    • Graffiti Problem at church
    • Councillor Allowances a difficult problem
    • 9/11 Five years on
    • A good start and finish
    • Bush scores yet another own goal
    • Good news on the football field
    • And now they talk !!
    • HEWEB decides on improvements for West End
  • Sir Ming trys out the switch to Chris Huhne's hybrid car
    Article: Jun 8, 2006

    Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell MP has unveiled plans to protect and improve our environment with a major "green tax switch".

    The party wants to cut income tax for everyone, and take millions of the least well off out of income tax altogether, whilst instead taxing pollution more heavily.

    "We are the only major party which takes the environment seriously and that does mean that environmental taxes will rise, but we will also cut income tax by 2p in the pound and take around three million people out of income tax completely. This will be good news not just for our environment but for everyone who will benefit from income tax cuts," said Ming Campbell.

  • The government's over centralised and bureaucratic management structure is the problem
    Article: Mar 28, 2006

    In Monday's BBC's Panorama programme former senior Department of Health official Bob Dredge said that NHS patients are not receiving value for money despite unprecedented investment. Bob Dredge, who was programme director for financial reform at the department, said that in terms of productivity, value for money has been reduced.

  • Sir Ming Campbell
    Article: Mar 2, 2006

    After an election campaign which highlighted how united the Liberal Democrats are on the main policy themes - Ming Campbell has been elected leader. The contest was been three excellent candidates. Although I backed Chris Huhne to win, as Eastleigh Local Party chair I did meet Ming Campbell at last year's Eastleigh Liberal Democrat annual dinner and I found him to be a very good speaker able to clearly put Liberal Democrat views across and he will make a good leader.

  • No more messy side waste
    Article: Feb 24, 2006

    The new Eastleigh Borough policy of not having side waste on non-recyclable waste collections is having a positive effect on the recycling rate. At the recent full council a sceptical conservative group asked questions about the new side waste policy. The answers by Eastleigh Environment Cabinet member Cllr Louise Bloom, make interesting reading :-

  • Hampshire Police
    Article: Jan 30, 2006

    The Government's answer to any problem to make things more efficient appears to be to centralise control. This control mania started with hospitals, is spreading to schools with central funding there and now to the police service with plans to merge police forces like Hampshire and Thames Valley.

    The vast majority of police work is not fighting international terrorism and drug runners. The bulk of police work concerns local issues, like problems in West End High Street. In this brave new Labour world police officers within the new larger forces would be moved around the new area. This would leave either Hampshire or say Thames Valley with fewer police than they currently have, as they are moved around. Yet no police force is saying we need fewer officers.

  • The school celebrates
    Article: Jan 4, 2006

    The New Year has kicked off in great style at Townhill Infants School with a party to celebrate a number of successes. The school has gained an Investor in People Award, had their best-ever SATs results, a good Ofsted inspection and received a mention in the Chief Inspector for Schools' report as a "Particularly successful school'. If that was not enough the school has also regained their Basic Skills Quality Mark for another three years after children were judged to have excellent reading, writing and maths skills.

  • MUGA basketball & goal
    Article: Dec 18, 2005

    Liberal Democrat led Eastleigh Borough Council have invested nearly £30,000 in a MUGA (or Multi-use Games Area for those not up on the latest local government jargon). This games area not only gives Townhill Junior school a valuable extra asset for the school children during daytime, it also gives an additional area for anyone to play games in at weekends and in the evenings.

  • David Goodall at 3am after an eventful evening shift with the local police
    Article: Nov 9, 2005

    It's all very well politicians saying they know what is best to help the police do their job. The only real way is to talk to police officers and to go out on the streets with them. So that is what I did last Friday 4th November as I joined Green shift for their 4pm to 2am shift as an observer.

    The dedicated and very professional shift of officers worked hard all evening and into the earlier hours going from one incident to the next, yet still at midnight there were 18 reports that they had not managed to deal with. Fortunately none of them were life threatening and the police control room had managed to get the priorities right.

  • The school travel plan
    Article: May 26, 2005

    Today a school travel plan has been published by Townhill Infants and Junior Schools. The aim of the travel plan is to improve the travel routes to school so as to encourage the pupils and parents to walk to the Townhill Schools. The plans have been very successful in encouraging funding from other sources, like Hampshire County Council, to improve the main paths on routes to schools.

  • Peartree House
    Article: May 12, 2005

    David Goodall reports: Peartree House is a centre which is dedicated to rehabilitating younger people with an acquired brain injury. The residents of Peartree House took a keen interest in the general election and particular matters relating to disability and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). After the election they invited all the Southampton Itchen candidates to the centre to see it and their work on the DDA.

  • Article: May 10, 2005

    The recent general election saw a good result for the Liberal Democrats in both Southampton seats. In Southampton Itchen the Liberal Democrat vote increased from 6195 to 9162 an increase of nearly 50%. Overall Liberal Democrat the share of the vote increased by 6.2% while Labour's vote decreased by 6.2%. This increase in support was even above the national average increase in Liberal Democrat support of 3.8% and far exceeded the 1.7% increase for the south east of England.

  • Article: May 5, 2005

    The opinion polls all say the move is for greater Liberal Democrat involvement in the next parliament, however the only real poll is today. I would urge everyone to vote. The only vote that does not count is the unused one.

    The opinion polls this morning say :-

    YouGov / Sky

    • Lab 36% change on 2001 -6
    • Con 32% change on 2001 n/c
    • Lib 25% change on 2001 +6
  • David Goodall supports the Liberal Democrat hedge laying project in Cutbush Lane
    Article: Apr 10, 2005

    The environment has always been a major concern for Liberal Democrats. We believe that there should be a green thread that goes through every area of Government policy starting with faster action on climate change, cutting traffic congestion and giving proper support to alternative fuels.

    Yet none of Labours six pledges for this election announced in Tony Blair's whistle stop tour of the country in February even mentioned the environment and Michael Howard's I believe advert also did not mention the environment.

  • David Goodall talking to Southampton University Students
    Article: Mar 23, 2005

    In information released this month 9 out of 10 universities in England are to charge the maximum tuition fee of £3,000 when they are allowed to raise their fees next year. Only eight have opted to charge lower fees, according to the figures on fees and bursaries from Office for Fair Access (Offa).

  • David Goodall at Spring Conference 2005 in Harrogate
    Article: Mar 7, 2005

    At the recent Spring Conference in Harrogate a number of policies were updated and improved this included policy action on affordable housing, tackling crime, employment rights, Post Office closures, improving life for older people, council tax, Iraq, civil liberties, children, education and health.

  • Article: Feb 18, 2005

    NHS dental care in England is in crisis as new official figures show that over three in five adults and around half of children are not registered with an NHS dentist. With so many people going unregistered, the Liberal Democrats have called for the Government to 'get a grip' on the crisis.

    The problem is not that people prefer to register with a private dentist or not register with any dentist, it's simply that there are not enough dentists accepting NHS patients. This is illustrated by the shock stories that have appeared in the media when patients have queued round the block to try to register with an NHS dentist.

  • David Goodall outside Merryoak Post Office
    Article: Feb 4, 2005

    In the last 5 years, new research by the Liberal Democrats reveals the shocking number of post offices closed; nearly 2,200 or 12% of all UK Post Offices.

    This shocking number does not include the recently announced Southampton Itchen closures. The hard hit Peartree ward has taken the brunt of this closure round with closures at Merry Oak, Spring Road, and Station Road, other Itchen afflicted Post Offices include Bitterne Park triangle, Wide Lane and Manor Farm Road

  • Anne Work, Sharon Mintoff and David Goodall by the Meggason Avenue parade of shops
    Article: Jan 14, 2005

    The shopping parade in Meggeson Avenue was given a much needed face lift after a decision by the East Neighbourhood Partnership to use part of their budget to smarten up local amenities.

    The face lift included new railings, litter bins, trees and an re-turfed grass area, plus repairs to the walls. This much needed work was supported by all the Liberal Democrat focus team, including Anne Work and Sharon Mintoff pictured.

  • Article: Oct 21, 2004

    At the recent Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth there were several very good policy announcements for older people.

    The main driver behind these policies was to ask the simple question, is it fair ? So :-

    • Is it fair that pensioners' incomes are tied to inflation and not the wealth of the nation they built?
    • Is it fair that pensioners should have to go through demeaning means testing just to get a basic level of income ?
    • Is it fair that if women choose to support a family in earlier life they should have a lower pension in old age because of limited contributions ?
    • Is it fair that workers who save all their working life can loose their pension at the last moment because the company is wound up ?
    • Is it fair that bus tokens are limited and only half fare ?
    • Is it fair that council tax is not linked to pensioners' incomes ?
    • Is it fair that older people are forced to retire even when they do not wish to ?
    • Is it fair that old people are forced to sell homes and spend their savings before the NHS pays for long-term personal care ?
  • A southampton blue lid recycling bin
    Article: Oct 7, 2004

    At the Southampton City Council meeting on the 6th October 2004 the minority Liberal Democrat administration plans to repeat the Eastleigh Borough Council very successful recycling scheme were defeated and the costly alternative will hit Southampton Council Tax payers hard, in fact to the tune of £750,000 per year.