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The EU and the Euro

I believe that being a member of the European Union is in Britain's best self interest and this page contains articles about that:-

  • 45 Years of Peace
    Article: Dec 1, 2018
    By Madeleina Kay in #24ReasonstoRemain booklet

    There have been 45 years of peace since the UK joined the then European Economic Community in 1973. It is now over 70 years since the end of WWII, which is the longest period in two millennia that any of the 28 countries that now comprise the EU have not been at war with each other.

    The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union for the "successful struggle for peace and reconciliation and for democracy and human rights. The stabilizing part played by the EU has helped to transform…a continent of war to a continent of peace." (Source: Norwegian Nobel Committee press release. Oct 2012)

  • The benefits of the EU after 43 years (European Movement UK, South Bank House, London SE17SJ)
    Article: Jun 19, 2016

    Remaining in EU is about more than the economic argument it is about was sort of country do we wish to be. I believe passionately that the world is a better place when people work together for mutual benefit and not just self-interest. The question is how best to achieve this in the complex and interconnected world that we have today? There are various examples around the world of countries coming together in some form of association with their neighbours to help improve trade and relations between them, but I find no better example of where this is done than in the European Union.

  • Article: Dec 4, 2014
    By David Goodall at Southampton University debate on the question "Should renegotiation fail Britain should leave the EU?"

    In a word No - but let's be under no illusion this process which David Cameron has embarked upon it is purely to try and keep the Conservative Party together.

    However, it could lead to the Britain leaving the EU. This would have massive negative economic consequences for the UK and would lead to a drastic reduction in our ability effect matters in Europe. European matters that will affect us whether we are in the EU or not.

  • Winston Churchill
    Article: Dec 4, 2014
    By Mr Winston Churchill speaking in Zurich 19th September 1946

    The following is a speech by Winston Churchill that led to the formation of what became the European Union, his words may astonish you, but it is clear from this earliest date that the aim is a political and economic union with the goal of preventing war in Europe:-

    "I wish to speak to you today about the tragedy of Europe.

  • Openess & honesty with money is vital
    Article: Jul 30, 2014
    By James Earley in British Influence

    One of the most persistent euromyths is that there is a punitive 'cost' associated to our membership of the EU. UKIP's guasstimates, translate in shouty headlines claiming anything from £750 per household to £55 million day for the nation as a whole. But such claims do not withstand even cursory scrutiny.

  • Article: Mar 29, 2014
    By Giles Goodall - Liberal Democrat MEP candidate for South East England in The Huffington Post UK

    As we draw closer to the European elections on 22 May, more and more business leaders are speaking out in favour of Britai n's membership of the European Union. Not a day seems to go by without another major employer warning of the risks for Britain's jobs and economy of a potential EU exit. That's because - as Nick Clegg said in last night's debate with Nigel Farage - it's about jobs, jobs and jobs.

  • Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage
    Article: Mar 25, 2014
    By Mehdi Hasan, Political Director in The Huffington Post UK

    In recent months, with the exception perhaps of the BBC's Andrew Neil, TV interviewers have failed to land many blows on cheeky-chappy, man-of-the-people, buy-me-a-beer-mate Nigel Farage, populist leader of the UK Independence Party (Ukip). Could Nick Clegg do their job for them tonight?

    The deputy prime minister may be the underdog going into his live clash with the Ukip leader on, of all subjects, the European Union, but he has proved himself handy at TV debates (remember 2010?). Farage, on the other hand, claims not have prepared for these bouts - and is pretty poor when it comes to dealing with detail or proper scrutiny of his party's positions.

  • EU - UK cooperartion benefits us
    Article: Oct 16, 2012

    The four main Benefits of EU Police & Judicial Cooperation to the UK are:-

    • 1. European Arrest Warrant (EAW)
    • 2. Europol
    • 3. Eurojust:
    • 4. Joint Investigation Teams (JITs):

    There are a number of other very useful measures including Effective Customs Cooperation, European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS), Mutual Recognition of Financial Penalties, Prisoner Transfers, The Schengen Information System II, Simpler & Faster Information Exchange, Psychoactive Drugs information exchange, European Police Training College, Networks, European Image Archiving System, Mutual Recognition of Supervision Measures, Trials in Absentia, and Conflicts of jurisdiction in criminal matters.

  • European Arrest Warrant
    Article: Oct 16, 2012

    Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner candidate David Goodall has challenged Conservative candidate Michael Mates to back measures that help local police catch criminals who flee overseas, tackle cross-border crime and kick out foreign criminals convicted in the UK. These measures have been hugely successful in recent years in breaking up paedophile rings, preventing terrorism and bringing criminals who flee across borders to swift justice.

  • European Central Bank, Frankfurt
    Page: Sep 24, 2011

    How to sort out the Eurozone debt!

    In my view the only way out the debt crisis in the Eurozone is to deepen the monitary union by taking the following long and short term measures.

    For the long term - the steps to improve Eurozone debt are :-

    1. All Eurozone countries national budgets must be approved as valid fiscal packages by the European Parliament. A valid fiscal package must either:-

    • reduce national debt level to 70% of the countries GDP within the next 10 years, if the current debt level is above the 70% level, OR
    • keep the national debt level below 70% of the countries GDP, if the current debt level is already below the 70% level

    2. All Eurozone countries should only borrow money from or lend money to the European Central Bank, and not borrow from or lend to other countries, the international money markets or the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The borrowing and lending rates for each Eurozone country should be the same.

    3. On behalf of Eurozone countries the European Central Bank could borrow money from or lend money to other countries, the international money markets or the International Monetary Fund (IMF).